2017 Murray County County Bridges 51J49 & 51J54

Project #:

SAP 51-634-13 and SAP 51-634-14


2017 County Bridges 51J49 & 51J54

Bid Opening Date:

8/15/2017 10:30 AM


S.A.P. 51-634-13 & S.A.P. 51-634-14

Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of County Commissioners of Murray County, Minnesota, at the Murray County Government Center, County Auditor, 2500 28th Street, Slayton, MN 56172 until 10:30 o'clock A.M., August 15, 2017 for the following box culvert projects:
SAP 51-634-13 - CSAH 34 aka 180th Ave Section 19
SAP 51-634-14 - CSAH 34 aka 180th Ave Section 30
Major Items
Remove Bituminous Pavement540 Sq Yd
Bituminous Pavement250 Ton
16x7 Precast Box Culvert CL II54 Lin Ft
16x7 Type I Precast Box Culvert End Section2 Each
16x9 Precast Box Culvert CL II54 Lin Ft
16x9 Type I Precast Box Culvert End Section2 Each
14x11 Precast Box Culvert CL II110 Lin Ft
14x11 Type I Precast Box Culvert End Section4 Each
Aggregate Backfill (LV)2,135 Cu Yd
Rock Bedding (CV)345 Cu Yd
Quarry Run Riprap125 Ton
Sediment Control Log, Type 12 Bioroll160 Lin Ft
All bids shall be made on forms included in proposal and shall be accompanied by bid security in the form of a certified check or bid bond, made payable to Murray County Treasurer in the amount of five (5%) percent of the bid, which security becomes the property of the County in the event the successful bidder fails to enter into a contract and post satisfactory bond.

The proposed contract is subject to minimum wage rates set forth by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and incorporated into the Specifications. The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive technicalities and irregularities.

Proposals and Plans may be secured from the Murray County Highway Department 3051 20th Street, Slayton, MN 56172; PHONE 507-836-6327 FAX 507-836-8891, upon payment OR on the County Website.

Price: $100 per Proposal/Plan (shipping included) Free on website www.murraycountymn.com

Heidi E. Winter
County Auditor/Treasurer

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